La casa de los espíritus

I'm quite the reverse of that. I try, of course, to get it all.

I do try to get the spirit -- a thought-for-thought fidelity to the original. To seek for word-for-word fidelity is nonsense, but thought-for-thought fidelity is possible. I also try to find and keep to a parallel form. I try to be as slavish as is consistent with being imaginative and lively.

Trato de captar el espíritu, de serle fiel al original pensamiento por pensamiento. Es absurdo tratar de ser fiel palabra por palabra, pero sí es posible ser fiel pensamiento por pensamiento. También trato de hallar y mantener un paralelismo en las formas. Trato de ser literal mientras ello me permita ser imaginativo y dinámico.

Richard Wilbur. A certain logic, An Interview with Richard Wilburg. The Atlantic Monthly.

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